I was born in 1947, as I grew up signs of WW2 were all around me in London and school teachers over the years had all served in the military and only the briefest of snippets of their experiences were shared with us. So it was for a generation that endured the war and made for a better world for my generation.

In 2010 I started reading as many books as I could find about Dunkirk, Operation Dynamo a remarkable event that enabled Britain to continue the war. As a result there were many stories of those ‘left behind’ those fighting the rearguard actions. That’s what led me to The Lucky Shilling. Well written to expand the diary into what reads as a novel, this remarkable story if seen as a movie would be unbelievable.

Truly truth is stranger than fiction. William Marsh was a product of his times. While early leanings to communism prevented him from accepting leadership rank, it was his religious faith and family values that sustained him through such difficult times. This should be a must read book for 21st Century children if they ever study WW2, thank you to all who brought it to publication and to Williams family for sharing.

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A magnificent read! The author has the knack of drawing you into this remarkable story until you feel that you too are there alongside Bill and his compatriots. Skilfully written, I felt my heart being broken in hearing of the abysmal deprivation and cruelty inflicted, only to have my heart warmed by the deep acts of human kindness shown by others, sometimes total strangers and, quite often, at significant risk to themselves. This is certainly a book which will stay with me for a very long time to come……. I am so glad you have shared Bill’s memoirs with us.

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This is a very good account of one soldier’s experiences spanning the entire length of the Second World War, from fierce fighting in the battle for France to his experiences as a prisoner of war. What is so good about the book is that it brings out the human elements in his character and this makes it a compelling read.