My father’s story of surviving prison camps during the Second World War is at the core of The Lucky Shilling’s gripping and emotional narrative. 

Chapter 11: Stalag

Excerpt-Wiilliam Marsh’s own words from ‘The Lucky Shilling’ (e-book):

“I pulled my fingers away from the wound and I flinched, biting my lip as I fought to contain a rising sense of panic. In training they always tell you to keep calm in these circumstances as you have a far better chance of surviving and to apply a field dressing with firm pressure but, as I reached for mine, I remembered that I had used it earlier in the battle to wrap around a bullet graze on Bert’s arm. I really couldn’t think straight and seeing so much of your own blood is a truly terrifying experience ….. I realised that I needed to get into some cover before I was seen, so I gradually got to my feet and with my head swimming and using my rifle, which, thank God, no one had taken, as a support I stumbled into a garden at the back of a small house and found an old shed, broke down the door and collapsed on the floor. I have no idea how long I laid there but after a while I started to feel a little better and, using a piece of rag I found in the shed as a makeshift bandage, I wrapped it around my head to secure the large flap of skin. My face was encrusted with my dried blood, but with no means of washing I just scratched and picked it off as best I could, I must have looked a pretty scary sight…”
Read more about William Marsh’s imprisonments in The Lucky Shilling’
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Missing notification 1940

Missing notification 1940




(Below) Stalag Images

Pictures reproduced with kind permission of Kierownik Działu Naukowego, Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych w Łambinowicach-Opolu, ul. Minorytów 3, 45-017 Opole
tel./fax 77/453 78 72, 77/453 92 16.


2239 – Transport of parcels of the International Committee of Red Cross, Stalag VIII B Lamsdorf (probably to british Arbeitskommando in Blechhammer)


2029 – Main entrance to Stalag VIII B Lamsdorf

Running races at Stalag

5505 – Sport contest in Stalag VIII B Lamsdorf, [picture from Harald Welch]


2226 – Funeral of British Prisoner-of-War, PoW Cemetery in Lamsdorf (c.7th October, 1941)


2225 – British PoWs in Lamsdorf camp (probably in the medical warehouse)

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